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Coaching / Talent Direction / Writing / Adaptation / Translation


Los Angeles, CA, or via Skype


Coming from the creative side of the advertising industry in Montreal, my home town, I got the formative opportunity to work alongside talented English-speaking directors from all over the world, selecting and directing French Canadian emerging and accomplished talents alike, bringing short stories to life for the French Canadian market.


When I moved to California, this passion translated into coaching Hollywood celebrities to help them deliver their French lines in the most effective and pleasant way for all the parties involved. My experience in the editing room makes me a great asset for the production team, as I know what we need on set and how to get it in the least amount of time. This experience also guides my coaching, as I will tailor it to the specific needs, projects and talent personalities.  

I've coached American and International actors including Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Bell, Kerry Washington and Julie Bowen.

“Sarah was the creative lead for several French TV commercial productions that we worked on together when I was her client at Canadian Tire. Sarah's role in the production process was invaluable. Her talent recommendations were always perfectly aligned to our agreed-upon specs and their performance capabilities always surpassed our expectations. She was a calming presence on set and received our client feedback very well. I trusted Sarah's opinion and valued her input a great deal. In addition to her creative skills and unmatched professionalism, Sarah was also a pleasure to work with.” 

- Helen Galanis, Manager, Strategy and Advertising at Canadian Tire

Locally in Los Angeles, CA, or anywhere via Skype

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Never lost in translation

Most  will call translation everything that is being translated from one language to another. For me, there’s translation, and there’s adaptation. Everyone can translate (even Google), but being creative and finding the best way to convey a message in another language to get the impact you’re looking for in the market you are targeting is slightly different. And that is what I call adaptation. I will take the essence of the message, and find the best way to translate it in French for the Canadian/Quebec market. The essence of the message is always preserved, but it is sometimes conveyed in a different way so the French speaking Canadian consumers better relate to it. Different cultures; different insights. Not everything can be translated, but everything can be adapted.

“Sarah has an unquestionable talent for creative copywriting. She has provided TELUS with some of our better work with her exceptional writing skills. She has consistently provided us with above average quality output combined with a charming personality.”


- Tee Tran, Director, Marketing Communications at TELUS


Let me know about your French needs and I'll get back to you ASAP.


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